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Marine Surveying

  • Independent marine surveyor of yachts and small craft for over 20 years.
  • Cargo container surveys.
  • Load & stow surveys of yachts and small craft as ocean cargo.
  • Underwriting inspections for marine facilities.


  • Vessel repair/refit project management and critical path planning.
  • Vessel newbuilding services including yard evaluation and selection assistance; specification development and review; oversight and progress/quality auditing.
  • Technical assistance in maritime legal discovery and expert witness services.
  • Development and implementation of vessel specific quality control inspection programs and preventative maintenance systems.
  • Development and implementation of vessel specific crew training programs.
  • Critical event resolution historical review and statistical analysis of vessel systems data from RGM Isis (Integrated Ship's Information System) systems.

Technical Documentation

  • Turn key production of custom vessel specific color illustrated yacht operations manuals.
  • Development of vessel specific log books, check lists, forms, station bills, and concierge materials.
  • Turn key production of crew training program manuals and employee handbooks.
  • Development of Power-point presentations and DVDs for training and legal exhibit purposes.
  • Creation of specialized marine survey forms.