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Technical Documentation

  • Turn key production of custom vessel specific color illustrated yacht operations (owner's) manuals.

We produce from research through to delivery, complete vessel specific custom yacht operations manuals. Our manuals are designed to assist the user in operation of the yacht's systems as built by the shipyard. Thus the structure of the manuals are yacht system based rather than yacht component based. They are designed to describe the location and interrelation of components into total systems that are not covered in the component literature supplied by the OEM manufacturer's of those components.

The topics are organized in an order prioritized based upon safety and the perceived order of need that a new operator or person totally unfamiliar with the yacht would have. Our manuals contain an introduction, contents section, how to use section, specifications section, operations section, photos section, troubleshooting section, figures section, spare parts section, and any other sections the client might request. All sections reference the photos. Manuals can be produced in a variety of formats including ISO (CE) compliant.

All manuals are produced with color photos and figures, are printed on high quality papers, and every page is laminated for durability. Laminated custom tabs delineate sections. Bindings are custom and can range from logo embroidered ballistic nylon, to Italian leather, to plain vinyl binders. All manuals are entirely custom and produced by quotation after consultation with the client to determine the scope of their needs and the level of elegance and complexity of their desired presentation format. All manuals can be provided on CD ROM as PDF documents. Interactive formats are available. Call for quotes and/or sample pages.

Our yacht operations (owner's) manuals produced for clients/vessels have included:


All yachts built (68 to 110 foot motor yachts) for Lazzara Yachts of Tampa, Florida (builder).


The 146 foot motoryacht Namoh for Christensen Shipyards LTD. of Vancouver, Washington (builder).


The 52 foot surface piercing drive high speed catamaran/foil motoryacht for Cat Cay Yachts of Tampa, Florida (builder).


The 78 foot Mulder/Lowlands aluminum motoryacht Full Circle for her private owner.


The 88 foot Burger aluminum motoryacht Rosamonde for her private owner.


The 66 foot Cheoy Lee trawler yacht Rosamonde for her private owner.


The 80 foot Windship diesel auxiliary cutter yacht Windy Limerick for Windship Yachts of Tampa, Florida (builder).


The 53 foot Bristol diesel auxiliary cutter yacht Starlight for her private owner.

All yachts built (27 foot twin diesel sport fishing yachts) for Aura Yachts of Tampa, Florida (builder).


Additional Projects

  • Development of vessel specific log books, check lists, forms, station bills, and in stateroom yacht guest concierge materials.
  • Turn key production of crew training program manuals and employee handbooks.
  • Development of Power-point presentations and DVDs for training and legal exhibit purposes.
  • Creation of specialized marine survey forms.